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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 6: Noticing so Many Changes

I ended up oversleeping this morning because I couldn't sleep all night. Don't know what messed up my sleep. The only thing I did differently yesterday was that I took my new medicine. Although sleeplessness is not listed as one of its side effects, medications can affect people differently. I expected to be groggy for the rest of the day because of lack of sleep, but I wasn't.

This morning, I noticed  that when I put my jeans on, they felt loose. For a while I thought I had put on the old ones that are a size bigger; I even went up to check. But they were the right ones. They just didn't feel as tight as they usually do. I also didn't feel bloated like I did before.

I tidied up the house quickly because I had invited my new neighbor over for coffee. I wanted to make a fruit smoothie for my breakfast but I only had time to eat a quick cereal.  My neighbor and I talked for so long that we didn't notice it was past lunch time. I was surprised that I wasn't hungry;  I'm normally starving by noon!

Breakfast: Fortified cereal with coconut milk and some slices of cantaloupe melon.

Snack: A few Brazil nuts and a decaf green tea.

Lunch:  A brown rice cake with 1 tbsp almond butter and a salad of  guacamole, lettuce and shredded cabbage.

Snack: An apple

Dinner: Stew (potatoes, peas, carrots, peppers, green beans) with some toasted wholegrain bread (gluten-free for me because I also have a gluten intolerance).

This evening, I've been reading more of The China Study. While I was reading, I felt really cold and found it difficult to get warmed up. I've been like that for the last couple of days. I keep checking if the A/C is still running, but it's not. The weather is changing here, getting cooler, so maybe it's that. I've also noticed  that my fingernails are looking really pink. I have poor circulation so they usually stay whitish. Could this be anything to do with the diet.? I really can't imagine it having  an effect on the body that fast. I'll ask my husband if he's noticed anything about his fingernails. It turns out he hasn't.  It's easy to attribute everything to the diet, so I'll have to watch for that.

Well, it's off to bed early for me today. Goodnight.

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