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Successful Meals

One of my readers asked if I could continue posting the foods I am eating. I'm not up to doing that right now, but I'm happy to share this list of meals that have been successful for us. I have a number of intolerances so some of my meals are gluten and soy free. Also see my links to vegan websites with great recipes.

If you have any recipes that have worked for you, please post them for us to share.

  1. Mango smoothie from frozen mangoes (Trader Joe's) and coconut milk (not the canned one usually used for Thai cooking, but the one that looks like a milk carton, in the refrigerated section of health food stores).
  2. Oatmeal (made with water or coconut milk) with nuts and fruit.
  3. Chick pea flour spicy crepes/omelette.
  4. Sweet and sour stir fried vegetables and rice noodles.
  5. Almond or pumpkin butter on brown rice cakes.
  6. Chick pea curry and brown rice
  7. Black eyed pea curry and brown rice
  8. Quinoa pasta with marinara sauce
  9. Avocado salad with nuts, seeds.
  10. Stir fried vegetables
  11. Homemade bean and vegetable soups.
  12. Toast with almond or pumpkin butter.
  13. Brown lentil salad (Trader Joe's has pre-cooked lentils in the fridge section by the cut vegetables).
  14. Fruit salad
  15. Hummus, pita bread, salad
  16. Falafel, pita bread and salad.
  17. Vegetable casserole
  18. Vegetable risotto with nuts.