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Tips for Travelers

My husband who is a frequent traveler has shared these tips for staying on a plant-based diet whilst traveling. He is also eager to hear about any tips you have for making travel easier for us all.
  1. Take back- up foods with you such as a homemade trail mix of your favorite seeds, nuts and dried fruits. The store bought ones can have too much added sugar in them.
  2. If you are eating a lot of trail mix on trips, drink plenty of water along with it, especially if you are taking frequent plane trips.
  3. Take along some packets of wholegrain or rice crackers that you can use as snacks.
  4. Grab fresh fruits to eat whenever you can, like at airports.
  5. Salads are the most accessible fresh food at restaurants or airports, but watch for the dressing.
  6. Check for presence of dairy in many vegetarian menu items, as it often is.
  7. If you have a choice of restaurant, Indian works really well as 30% of Indians are vegetarian.
  8. If you end up at a restaurant that doesn't have suitable menu options, ask the serving staff what they can do for you. They are becoming increasingly used to special diets.
  9. Think through every day of the trip so you can plan ahead and be prepared.  
  10. Order your vegan meal for the flight ahead of time ( about 48 hrs in advance as my husband discovered).