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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

After six months on a plant-based diet...

Just a quick note to update you on my progress: It's been just over six months since we started this plant-based diet and I continue to have increased energy, mental alertness, improved sleep and mood, clearer skin, and decreased cravings. Best of all I'm managing to keep the disabling effects of my Fibromyalgia at bay and am more in control of my health!

I'm really happy to report that I have now come off all of my prescription medications as well as nutritional supplements (other than vitamin D and vitamin B12). This includes my thyroid hormone; something which I never thought I would be able to do! On this diet, my body seems to be producing more of its own hormones again. So while I was still taking my medications, I was getting some adverse reactions  from an elevated level of hormones. When I gradually stopped taking them in medication form, these effects subsided.

The only drawback of coming off thyroid is that I am back to gaining weight more easily. Well on this plant-based diet, it just means I'm not shedding weight as I was when I switched to this lifestyle. This is a change I'm willing to live with because it feels great to not be dependent on medications! My doctor wasn't  too happy about me coming off my thyroid, but I have promised to show up for regular check-ups to monitor it.

Overall, I'm doing great (as is my husband) and I continue to spread the word about the Forks Over Knives documentary and The China Study book. I'm even in the process of writing my own book to document my plant-based journey and to share the recipes I used. So please watch this space for more details about this venture.

Happy health to you all!