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Eating Out

According to the recommendations of The China Study and Forks Over Knives, we should avoid all processed food. But for the times when we have to eat out, here are some tips (which I will be adding to)

  • Try to be the one to choose the restaurant if you have that opportunity.
  • Plan ahead and look up the menu options before getting there. 
  • Explain to your server that you are on a special diet, they are usually happy to accommodate you.
  •  Here are some more tips for navigating restaurants from Dr Lederman and Dr Pulde From the Forks Over Knives movie. I didn't know that there can be dairy protein (casein) in soy for instance. http://web.me.com/exsalus/Transition_to_Health/Navigating_Restaurants.html

We are so lucky here in Portland, OR because we have some vegan restaurants or vegan options available on the menu. These are some of the restaurant meals that have worked for us. I will keep posting up more as we experience them, so check back again soon.
  1. Chipotle (Mexican)  Bowl of brown rice, black beans, roasted peppers and onions, spicy red sauce, corn, guacamole, lettuce.
  2. Chennai Masala (Indian): Masala Dosa ( crispy rice/lentil crepes filled with spicy mashed potatoes with a coconut chutney and a side of Sambhar, which is a spicy vegetable curry made with chick pea flour).
  3. PF Chang's (Chinese)  Singapore noodles (rice noodles with vegetables in a spicy coconut sauce).
  4. Arabian Nights (Middle Eastern) Hummus and flatbread for appetizer and a falafel sandwich for main course (although falafel might be a bit high on oil since it is fried).
  5. The Native Bowl  (local food truck)  I chose the spicy Alberta Bowl which consisted of “Grilled tofu, house-made fire breathing dragon sauce (with sesame and sriracha!), house-made furikake, jasmine rice, shredded green cabbage, carrots and scallions.”   My  husband had the Mississippi Bowl which consists of “House-made peppercorn ranch, BBQ Soy Curls, two kinds of BBQ sauce, house coleslaw, scallions and jasmine rice. ”