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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 4: Feeling so Energetic!

Again woke up ready to take on the day.  I had enough energy to finally organize our closet.

Breakfast  Same cereal as yesterday with coconut milk, only with ½ cup blackberries and ½ banana for the fruit

Lunch  Leftovers of the dahl, okra and some pita bread.

Mid afternoon snack  The other half of the banana and ½ cup of blackberries

Dinner  Spicy, sweet and sour vegetables. We had that with a side of the leftover dahl and some brown rice spaghetti (didn’t have any noodles at home).

Because I’m still in the habit of cooking for four, I end up with enough leftovers for our lunch. But if we’re to include more nutrients, I need to vary the meals more.

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