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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 2: Legumes, Grains, Fruits, and Vegetables

We started the morning feeling quite bloated today. It could be because we ate so  late or because we 're not  used to eating so many legumes and vegetables. I have read somewhere that our bodies gradually adjust to eating beans and lentils and produce enzymes to deal with them.

Breakfast  Birchermuesli again.  

Lunch   We made  a kind of crepe/ omelet from chick pea flour and had that with a strawberry/nut/spinach salad.

Dinner   Black eyed pea curry with brown rice and  a cucumber salad.

We also had a glass of red wine in the evening.

I couldn't sleep, probably because I was in front of the computer for too long.  Staying up so long meant I ended up having a late evening snack of a few cashew nuts, a few too many!

I haven’t been drinking enough water, which is something I need to change.

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