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Saturday, November 5, 2011

End of Week 8: Harnessing the Power of Fruits and Vegetables

This week we each lost half a pound in weight. So far I have lost about seven pounds and my husband has lost about six and a half pounds. This is amazing because we are eating until we are full and don’t feel at all deprived. My husband had to travel again this week for three days. This time he was not as prepared as he usually is with taking along back-up meals. So when he couldn’t find suitable food, he ended up skipping a few meals. Other than that, he is staying on track.

This week he started using our new juicing machine and squeezes fresh juice every day for breakfast. He uses greens such as collard, kale, spinach, parsley and lettuce mixed with celery, cucumber, carrots, apples and lemons. I prefer more fruit in my juice and so I use two apples or an apple, a pear, some parsley, cucumber, celery and a tiny bit of spinach. I’m trying to cut back on cruciferous vegetables because I’m still trying to get my thyroid level down. 

My husband has found that the fresh juice gives him an energy boost in the morning and a feeling of well being throughout the day. This is how I have felt since the start of our plant-based diet. But my husband didn’t experience these benefits until now, because he wasn’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. Now he is feeling so great that he’s decided to go on a juice fast for the whole week-end. This is going to be a challenge, especially today because we have a party to go to. Luckily it’s a pot luck! I’m going to take along a vegetable tray with hummus so that my husband has something to munch on if he gets hungry.

Another benefit I have experienced on this diet is that I am getting so many compliments on my appearance. People keep telling me I look great and that I look younger than my age. I haven’t had these compliments in years, at least not from complete strangers! Then when I went clothes shopping yesterday (which I haven’t done for a while), I was so pleased at how good things looked on me. With all the benefits I am getting from a plant-based diet, it’s easy to stay motivated.

I also stay motivated by keeping informed about plant-based nutrition. I am currently reading the Engine 2 Diet by Rip Eppelstein who is the firefighter featured in the Forks Over Knives movie. We also watched a video clip by Dr. Matt Lederman and Dr Alona Pulde, the two doctors in the movie. They did an excellent livestream in which they took questions from viewers (see my links).

Well I’d better get going now and chop vegetables for the party!


  1. I'm so happy to hear you're continuing to do well on this diet! You always looked great to me but if you're feeling as good as you look then that's a real bonus. Your juices sound yummy. I'd love to have someone making me fresh juice every day. I'm too lazy (did try it once but didn't have the discipline to stay with it...plus it was expensive)I'm glad your husband is seeing the benefits of all of this too. It's much easier when your mate is on board with you, isn't it! :-) Tina

  2. Tina, I agree that it takes discipline and it's expensive to make fresh juice every day. But how I look at is that it's a lot cheaper than the cost of medical treatment.

  3. Hey this is Snehal and Mansi

    We have been juicing just for 11 days so far and are already experiencing some benefits. Both of us are no longer feeling tired in the daytime, Mansi's acne is improving , Snehal lost 1/2kg and we no longer keep having food cravings. We are just having the juice every morning before breakfast. We use a variety of ingredients everyday. Today we used in Kale, Spinach, Mixed spring leaves, Lettuce, carrots, cucumber,celery, apples, cranberry, grapes, oranges, strawberries

  4. I'm so glad you're both having such excellent results and so quickly. It's amazing what fruits and vegetables can do.